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Helpful HacKerZ .. Thanks! Answered

Is anyone else out there over the whole, turn on the computer
"Oh. More viruses, delete, delete, delete" thing?

It's getting old... Really old...
My computer is stuffed, there are so many pop-ups yours won't get through anyway, It is so slow now I can't go to your sites and if I have to hear the "gummi bear" song one more time, I'll smash the computer which = no pop-ups at all!!!

You know what would REALLY SHOCK ME ??

Turning on my PC and actually have it work for a change...
Instead of HaCkIn' PC's and damaging them, why not use your powers for good 'ole surprise factor... remember those days?? before profitiering arose.

Why not let's say...

Hack-in > Fix everything > delete all my viruses and set up a impenetrable firewall for me...

Now that would make me remember your attack, instead of just deleting your infection like every other one.....

I had been thinking about that for a while....
Until last week when I received a new virus...

After some analysis, it was found to be a simple crash virus for Internet explorer...

Much to my amazement this little file crashes IE, resulting in all my annoying pop-ups from IE (I use Opera) having their window closed as soon as they open.... LoL!!!

This is great!! No more pop-ups!!

Thank you Mr or MrS HaCkEr for fixing my computer... You rock!!

Anyone else had a weird or offbeat experience from a hack attack..?


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13 years ago

I've never gotten a single virus on any of my computers -ever! (my dad did once on his sony running win98)