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Help/suggestions/advice for loft bed at a height of 2.50 m ! Answered

Hello everybody,

my name is Susanne. I recently moved into a very small but very high apartment in Barcelona. The ceilings in the entire apartment still have the original beams and are approx. 4.50-4.75 m. I am looking for suggestions/advice/help on how high to build. I have been doing a lot of research online already and have been unable to find any loft bed at a height of more than 2.00 m but would love to hear from anybody who has ever had a similar project or can think of a good way to work with height as oppose to space. In addition, I cannot seem to be able to find pictures let alone plans of platforms large enough for a king mattress and then some.
I am really looking forward to any suggestions you might have!!!!

All the best from beautiful Barcelona, Susanne


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