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Here we go again... Answered

Can't remember how many times a topic was started to address bugs, problems, issues and requests/suggestions.
But it seems time to allow the developers to read up what the users here actually want, so let me start with some topics and you just post what I left out:

1. Working search options.
2. Working sorting options.
3. A usable Editor for both Ibles and the community section.
4. Proper categories and channels, actually working of course...
5. Proper HTML editing options until the things the user needs are actually implemented into the editor.
6. No forced layouts for Ibles! If one needs a pic in a specific location within the text then for crying out loud stop forcing the user to create a new step for it!
7. Transperency for contests! Who, why, where, what... There is no point in contest systems that constantly cause users to question why some Ible was featured or declared a winner!
8. Testing changes or fixes before misusing the user as a beta tester - we struggle enough as it is and really don't need more stuff ups every week.
9. Working rezising options!! What is the point if a user needs to crop, mame and mutilate his images just to somehow make them fit into the box that holds the preview for the Ible?
10. Easy and usable links to the fullsize images in the library without mutilating the filenames! Ever tried to find your images in the library???
11. Stop wasting time making a total mess out of this site and just start listening! Three years now expired without anyone actually providing anything that should be standard for every website that allows posting things ito provide good info.
12. Make the users want to stay instead of doing your best to drive them to other websites - Instructables is no longer the only option to share your projects with the world but the only one totally ignoring their users.
13. For crying out loud: Provide a proper feedback and bug reporting section where you guys actually check in and reply! Where do you want me to post this? Circuits, Workshop, Craft, Cooking, Living, Outside??? You guys must be joking here :(


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

1 year ago

I can only reinforce the OP's post. I love the idea of the instructables site but it is so dam hard to create a really nice looking intuitive project document given the limits that the site imposes on the user. Formatting, cutting and pasting, image placement even from within the document are Neanderthal. and it takes much longer than it should do to get anything decent out. I have created 4 instructables projects in the 3 years that I have been a member but I have designed over 3 times that amount of devices that would all fit nicely into this site. I have seen much feedback around the forums making the same or similar comments so surely it is about time we saw some updates to being the site back to the user.