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Hey, i'm looking for a way to make a collapsible top hat. any suggestions? =)? Answered

I think the title is kind of self explanatory =)


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The Rusted Workman
The Rusted Workman

Best Answer 11 years ago

try making several wire rings (about the diameter of your head) and one larger one for the edge, then get the material and make it into a cone shape (try wrapping it around the small rings to make it the same size) and then stitch the rings into place spaced evenly apart then cut a disk of material the same size as the large ring and cut a hole the size of your head in the middle line this up with the tube of small rings and stitch it together, then take the bit you cut out of the middle and stitch it onto the top of the top hat. then to get it to stand up get several pieces of stiff copper wire and bend a Y shape into one end and wrap the other end around the bottom small ring, then when you want the hat to collapse you unhook the Y end from the ring, if you want ill make an instructable about it, sorry about it being long :S lol hope this helped