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Hey, me and my friend are really different and its tearing us apart and it didn't used to. Can you help please? Thanks!! Answered

I'm 11 and going to middle school soon. Me and me ex-bff are still friends but not really. Shes really nice and funny but we are way different. I know the differences but basicly it's cuz I hung out with other people to practice for the talent show. She's probably jelous and keeps making up rumors about me that EVERY BODY believes. Now i only have one friend. She's stealing all my friends and lies a lot, like I said about the rumors. Now the boy she likes is always taking her side and vice versa she's making up rumors about me and telling them to him, which he spreads on.  So now i don't like him anymore...But  as you can see from above that isn't the problem. If you think you can help please help. I talked to the counsler at my school but that didn't help much : /



9 years ago

If she's spreading lies and rumors about you and "steeling" your friends then she really isn't much of a friend is she.  When you find this out sometimes it's better to just move on and find a new bff.

People grow apart and some people get jealous of another's success.  It's just a part of being human.


9 years ago

It is not unusual for friends to grow apart, as you get older people change, you have different interests etc.  Not all friendships are meant to last.  However, if you would like to salvage your friendship, you can look for some common ground between you -if you both like to go shopping, you can do that together as an example. 

It also might try talking to her about your concerns about the two of you drifting apart.  It may be that she felt left out when you were working on the talent show, if you reassure her that you still value her friendship and you didn't mean to exclude her.  (Sometimes our differences are based on misunderstanding). 

I think though that if she really has been spreading rumors about you and is dishonest you should be cautious because good friends don't do that to one another and your friendship might not be worth saving.  If you are going to middle school soon there will be plenty of opportunity to meet new people, and perhaps you will find another bff!