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Hey...Can anyone suggest a reliable K'nex gun ? I'm in need of one. Answered


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Raz1r Knex Bull3t
Raz1r Knex Bull3t

9 years ago

Sure I guess I'll suggest some. You could always build TheDunkis' Oodassault series, those guns have never failed on me. You can also build a TR8 or TR18 those have seemed to be reliable for me. Or if you want a really powerful Semi-automatic you could do this gun: http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?1108-WASP-War-Assault-Semi-automatic-Pistol  But if you build that gun you may want to try some of my mods right here for it: https://www.instructables.com/id/My-Personilized-Knex-WASP/

If you have any more questions or help feel free to ask me.     : )