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Hi Guy's Im looking to build a Led controller that can operate a12v 600 leds in 4 channels 200wh 100red 100blue? Answered

Each channel has two on times and two off times in a 24hr period.Each event ie; morning, can have 4 ramp times ie:red led channel comes on and rises red channel starting0% led power up to say 85% over a one hour period meanwhile the white channel comes on say 20 mins in to event and rises led up 0% to 100% over the hour and red led will fade out.This giving the effect of sunrise. There will be different light for different times of day.For the night the blue channel will fade in simulating the moon.There can be up to 256 stages of color.So a need a system controller that can control Both the time that a channel is turned on/off and the level of power that is put to that particular led channel. This project is for my aquarium.The idea is to be able to simulate daylight for the the fish that doesn't have a florescent light flashing on make fish jump. Sorry for the long explanation.I,m a electronic dunce sorry guys.Any help or advise would be very much appreciated Regards Jon


sky child

10 years ago

Thanks tubby that will help with the led circuits but not the control side of things. i was wondering would a 4 channel dmx with a built on multi timer work or is that even possible?