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Hi, I'm a student and I'm looking for an experienced partner for help with my project :) Answered

Hi, my name's Chaitra and i'm a 17 year old product design student in the UK, doing A level product design.

As part of our coursework, we are required to find and interact with an "expert", a person with a good level of understanding of product development and technology.

As you might expect, it's quite hard to find someone like this at random, which i why I've come here to see if anyone is willing to collaborate with me :)

My coursework will be based on air conditioning, specifically regulating and purifying air conditions during sleep, so it will involve a good amount of electronics and physical design.

As the "expert" of my project, we might exchange ideas and offer suggestions to improve the project, and even maybe advice on the best ways to manufacture the final prototype for assessment. You can be as involved as you want to be honest, I appreciate that everyone is busy so you won't be able to commit a huge amount of time to this, but maybe exchanging emails around once a month? I might send over some sketches / cad files over email for you to evaluate and suggest some improvements or ideas on, nothing more than that.

If you're willing to help, please answer this topic so we can work something out! Thanks a lot :)

PS. this is my first time using instructables, if I've submitted in this wrong place or something, please let me know



10 months ago

It seems that you want to regulate (control) and purify (output) as part of this project. As part of the class feedback control loop, input, process and output, you haven't mentioned anything about input (sensors) or process (microchip etc). Is that outside the scope of your project?


Reply 10 months ago

Hiya, thanks for responding.

I will be using temperature, humidity and air pollution sensors, probably with potential divider circuits to create automated responses. I'm only 17, and this is my first time using circuits like this in application, so I'm not sure how much I'll actually be able to do. I'm hoping I'll understand it in the end :D

I had a look at your instructables and you're really good with circuits and electronics! By any chance, would you be interested in helping with my project?

Cheers :)


Reply 10 months ago

Hi, electronics is not my strong point, purely a hobby. Have you considered what technology you will use to process the sensor data. As I understand it, most manufacturers in this area use proprietary processors / pcbs and not easy to interface with.

Good luck, seems like an ambitious project.


11 months ago

I suggest you look to a manufacturer for some cooperation.

Whilst I am answering this think about:

1. Electrostatic filtering for dust. (see how industry does it in factories)

2. Ozone genrators

3. HEPA filters

4. Wet filtering

5. Active charcoal

6. Swamp air conditioners

NOTE I am far too busy to directly assist you and anyway you will be better off getting someone who is local to you. There are lots of firms specialising in A/C all over the UK.



Reply 11 months ago

Hey Rick, thank you very much for your response!

Those are some really awesome suggestions for further research, in fact Im thinking of incorporating a few of these ideas into my final designs.

Also, contacting AC companies directly might be a good shout, nothing wrong with sending a few emails and hoping for the best :)

But yeah, thanks a lot again, honestly I wasnt even aware of active charcoal or swamp air conditioners until you pointed them out, so that was a huge help