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Hi all,I wanted to heat up a wire using a button cell battery. ? Answered

The wire is highly resistive and may be around 0.5 to 1mm thick at around 2 to three inches long. I only need to heat it to between 50 and 70 degrees centigrade ? I only need to heat it for a few seconds., maybe only between one and five seconds.

I realize that a button cell may have very little charge but I wondered whether I might use a capacitor or some other components to collect charge from the cell first, then heat the wire.Even if I drain the battery after one heating that would be ok. I only need to fire once, as it were. I would want to use as cheap a button cell as practicable.

I understand that the properties of the wire and temp required are a little vague but could anyone give me some guidance on the possibilities.

The type of resolutions I am looking for might be;

Whether is would even be possible.
Whether a thinner or shorter wire would make any difference.
Whether an increase in the number of cells etc may be absolutely necessary.
Other considerations you might offer!




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