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Hi does any one know how I could make a amplifier for my wifi network Answered

Hi does any one know how I could make a amplifier for my wifi network, I want to make it so it can reach my friends house which is about 2.4 km in a straight line?




Best Answer 10 years ago

. According to Part 15.247 of 47CFR15.247 you can go up to 1W (4W EIRP). It looks like most WiFi units put out 20-200mA, so you have a lot of room to grow. You'll probably still need directional antennae.
. IIRC, you want to use a linear amplifier. If so, then this should be a good place to start.


10 years ago

There are two options for what you opt to do. Either you can make some sort of directional antenna, or you can make or buy an RF amplifier. I recommend that you start with a directional antenna, and add an RF amplifier if you are unsuccessful. Your friend will also need such an antenna. There are plenty of instructables that cover this. Unfortunately, 2.4 km is a bit too long to make this work, I think, so you will probably need an amplifier. Building your own rf amplifier if very hard and can get expensive. You need short leads to prevent stray inductance and a grounded metal box to put it in to prevent interference. With the frequencies that wifi operates at, I am afraid that it is out of the reach for the average and even above average hobbyist. Also, you might not be able to do this because the power required to transmit a radio signal for 2.4 km probably requires some sort of licensing. If you can find anything that you can buy, you could try it, but I am afraid that your friend will need to get his/her own internet connection. If your friend lived a few hundred meters away, you might have had a shot, but 2.4 km is a bit too far. In any case, good luck I hope that you succeed.