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Hi everyone Answered

Is there any way to rip off all the media off of my iPod touch 4?

The computer I was syncing from just crashed and I lost all of my media. The only other copy is on the iPod and I want to recover it.
Is there any way to recover my music, apps, and videos from another computer without it being erased?

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I can provide information as requested


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9 years ago

On iTunes you can "open audio stream" on both computers
registered to you and transfer music & videos without losing a thing.

I got a new iPhone4 and went to update on it even though it was empty
of all my apps ( some were $$ ).
I continued through the enter your password phase and agreed to buy
it again.  Then it said :  I already own it and uploaded it  No Cost !



Answer 9 years ago

Thanks. I found another way from the apple support website that will restore everything through iTunes. I'll be sure to try your way if that doesn't work.