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Hi i have a big problem with Draft in Drafts folder while using it in Outlook. what to do ....? Help pls ! Answered

Hi, I use Microsoft Outlook for emails. But there is big problem that when i created a draft in gmail.com account that i have already configured with MS-Outlook. I cant access that draft with full rights. I open the draft from the drafts folder in Outlook, i get it Read-Only....i tried every option to edit that draft from Outlook but i couldn't. Please help....if there is any way to open the draft in read-write mode in Outlook.




6 years ago

May be all your PST files has got corrupted which can be due to various reasons but you don't have to have worry about it as now there is an efficient tool available which will help you to repair all your corrupted PST files. Outlook PST Repair Tool not only helps you to get all your corrupted PST files repaired but also helps you to get your deleted PST files back. It helps you to recover all your lost or deleted files from outlook. 


8 years ago

Or try copy and paste into a new email and send. Then delete from drafts folder.


8 years ago

Try Reply or Forward on the draft.