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Hi im imaan if u can help me by downloading netflix on my laptop ? Answered


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8 years ago

I am not sure what exactly is that you are asking. If you want to be able to watch streaming Netflix movies on your laptop, you need to make a Netflix subscription and you should have all the details on their support page. Of, course, Netflix isn't available yet everywhere but you should solve this problem if you use a vpn client. If you already have a Netflix account and all you want to do is to be able to download Netflix streaming movies to your computer, then you need a powerful recording software. Audials Moviebox does the trick pretty good, you can simply play a movie in Netflix and do a screen recording at the same time (you can find a more detailed description here: http://audials.com/en/how_to_record_stream_capture_music_videos_movies_from/netflix.html). You are also given the option to convert that Netflix video to different formats (mp4, wmv, avi, mpeg, 3gp etc.) so that you'll be able to use if on different devices. Anyway, let me knwo if this helped.