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High Powered LED Lighting - Interfacing LED Driver with Microcontroller Answered

Hello. I am pretty new to electronics but have slowly been getting my head around everything. I was hoping that someone may be able to give me some advice regarding circuit design. I am planning on constructing a high powered LED lighting system for my new marine aquarium. The high end LED units are still really expensive and so I thought I would construct my own for a lot cheaper. I understand the need for LED drivers to power these types of LEDs. But what I want to be able to do is control the brightness of the LEDs using a microcontroller to emulate sunrise/midday/sunset and of course moon light. But I am uncertain how you go about interfacing a LED driver to a microcontroller. Does anyone know of any useful tutorials or have any advice on how I go about completing this task?

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6 years ago

I guess you probably need to figure out what kind of high intensity LEDs you are dealing with 12v car light LEDs, or high wattage flood lamps. I don't know how big of a tank you are trying to light up. The interface between the "load" or LEDs are power transistors or certain ICs that receive a signal from something like an arduino to switch on and let through the right amount of current to the LEDs. Probably even for a 50-gallon tank, LED strips should be bright enough. Check out adafruit.com which has LED strips made from Neopixel LED elements that can produce all colors and brightness which is controlled by an arduino. Good luck.