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High School 3D Printing Hackathon Answered

Calling all student Coders and Designers!

MSJ 3D Printing Club is hosting a 3D Printing Hackathon, called a Designathon, at Mission San Jose High School on November 15th from 8:30-5:00 for $10. This event is for 6th-12th grades only.

Schedule for the day:
8:30am:   Registration
9:00am:   Opening Ceremony
9:30am:   Designathon Timer Begins
12:00pm: Lunch
2:30pm:   Designathon Timer Stops
3:00pm:   Presentations
4:00pm:   Judging and Speakers
4:30pm:   Awards and Closing Ceremony 

We will be conducting workshops on Tinkercad, AutoCAD, and Illustrator. 
The Designathon is a great opportunity for students to learn about 3D Printing, its impact on the world, and coding. 3D Printing is a new and upcoming technology that is sneaking its way into every field. Biologists are printing organs, researchers are using the technology to find a cure for cancer, architects are 3D Printing houses, Engineers are printing robots, chefs are printing food. In the age of 3D Printing, we want to expose students to this amazing technology and who knows, you may change the world.

For more information and to sign up visit: www.tinyurl.com/ MSJDesignathon 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at msjhs.3d@gmail.com or call (510)-979-1046

Thank You,
Vaishnavi Dornadula
Vice President of MSJ 3D Printing


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