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High School Teachers Answered

Do you teach 9th-12th grade? If so, say hello and connect with other High School educators.

Feel free to share where you are from, what grade level(s) and subjects you teach, and any exciting projects you did with your students this year or fun plans you have for your classes next year. :)



21 days ago

Art: 9-12. I teach a general art course (4 classes), AP Studio Art, and Painting


2 months ago

High School Industrial Tech (Engineering/Manufacturing/Robotics) teacher, grades 9-12. Just started the 2019-2020 school year and the big goal for all of my classes this year is to run more open ended design projects. Get the students solving problems that will help them, their school, or their community.


Reply 2 months ago

That's an awesome goal! Do you have any Instructables projects that you are planning to use in class this year?

I live on the Space Coast of FL, so I always tried to inspire my classes with projects related to NASA and SpaceX missions because students already had some context and interest.
I've found some really cool rover and space habitat projects on the site to use as inspiration for class projects. Here are a few to check out:


Reply 2 months ago

I don't have any specific Instructable I plan to use at the moment. I am going to pitch the Growing Beyond Earth contest to my senior level engineering course. Looks like an awesome problem to try and tackle.


Reply 2 months ago

The Growing Beyond Earth Contest is definitely an awesome challenge for HS students to tackle and there are some great Science and Engineering concepts that can be covered as students research and explore different designs and space conditions. Can't wait to see what your students come up with! :)


27 days ago

I teach high school Engineering & Robotics at a career and technical center (9-12). This is my 8th year teaching. I’m looking to go project based for 90% of my class with as much student choice as possible.


6 weeks ago

Greetings from Venezuela. English teacher for adults, expecting all the best things this school year !

andrea biffi

3 months ago

Sorry I was more active in Instructables community before, actually this teaching job hadn't left too much spare time to chat here. Anyway I'm teaching in Waldorf highschools, physics and technology.

WeTeachThemSTEMandrea biffi

Reply 3 months ago

Welcome back! Thanks for jumping in on this thread and sharing what you teach! :) How long have you been teaching? I've seen a lot of projects from High School Physics classes on Instructables lately, are there any projects from the site that inspire projects you do with your classes?


4 months ago

High school D&T teacher here, UK-based


Reply 4 months ago

D&T is Design and Technology, right? What Key stage do the D&T classes start in? Also, is their a specific curriculum you follow for D&T?


Reply 3 months ago


Varies: primary schools (KS1 & 2) do a bit, but not with a name. High schools (KS3&4) have it as a range of subjects. Small schools (like mine) have "D&T" as a class. Larger schools have a D&T department, split into various mixes of Resistant Materials ("RM" - woodwork, metalwork, plastics), Textiles, Food, Graphics, Control Technology (microcontrollers etc), Engineering and sometimes ICT falls within their remit.

Unfortunately, D&T is not well supported, nationally. It's an expensive subject to maintain, is not compulsory, and doesn't always contribute to the government-defined measures of progress.

Traditionally, D&T has been the preferred subject of many disaffected and/or less able students, but recent changes have made the subject now called "Design & Technology" much more theory-based, so much so that students could go months without picking up a tool, and still end up with a much lower grade than previously, reducing the value of the subject to the school. Some schools are now closing D&T departments entirely.

Others are taking the same route as my school is, and switching to "3D Design", a portfolio-based subject in a similar vein to Art; researching specific designers and then producing pieces on a given theme, influenced by the work of the designers.

There is no specific national curriculum we follow, schools tend to shop around to find an examination board with a course that matches the needs of the students, the equipment available, and the skill-set of the staff (hence the drift towards subjects like 3D Design):