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High school teacher, new to wireless connections, looking to make a classroom app. Answered

I'm looking to create a classroom app that will require some hardware creation as well. I'm hoping to take data from multiple of the same apps from each student's smartphone, and have a "teacher" app which receives that information and displays it in real-time, probably on a tablet or computer. I have a few questions to get started, as I am starting from about as square one as anyone could start.

1) I'm envisioning a bluetooth connection, as I would love for the information to be sent from various student smartphones to a tablet device controlled by the teacher. What is the maximum number of bluetooth connections one device could receive data from at the same time? If the number is smaller than your standard high school classroom size, is there any way to get there?

2) If bluetooth is limited to a small number of connections, is there an alternative wireless method that could work?

Thank you in advance for the help, I look forward to getting started on this and putting my education experience to go above and beyond to help out in the classroom!


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