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Ho to control a (somewhat) large LCD? Answered

I have an LCD that I salvaged from an old portable DVD player... I was wondering how it is possible for me to interface it with my computer. I want to do the project just for fun but I don't really know the first thing about controlling an LCD. Please help!

I can post pictures and answer questions about the connections and stuff. I don't know the pixel width and height.





Best Answer 8 years ago

Really Really difficult.

1. you will need the data sheet for the display - There may be a model number on the back.

2. You need to find a display drive for the display or identify the one in the DVD player and extract it - then find the data sheet for that.

3. you need to learn some programming languages so you can programme a micro controller to control the display driver.

4. You need to build a suitable interface to get whatever you want to show to the Micro so it can send it to the display drive so it can be put onto the screen.

Mmm I would have to be pretty desperate to want to spend the time to do this.


Answer 8 years ago

Well seeing how the code on the back didn't return ANY results on google, and I'm feeling rather lazy today...

Does anybody want an LCD screen? :-P


8 years ago

Firstly you have to get the datasheet of the LCD. Just google the part code that is hopefully written on the back of the LCD. Once you get the datasheet the rest will be quite easy. Datasheet has all the pin configurations and voltage and current requirements written down.


Answer 7 years ago

Hey, I've been trying to do the same. I've got the datasheet of the LCD, but I don't know what to do now. I mean, can I make my own driver or something if I have the datasheet of the LCD? The LCD comes from an old laptop. I still have everything from the laptop laying around. I have an old digital camera as well with an LCD screen, is this easier to control than a bigger LCD?
Thanks in advance


8 years ago

It will be very tricky. The panel you have relies on the control electronics from the old DVD player to work. IF you can find the panel spec, you are faced with writing code to rasterise the image/text you want to display.