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Hoe to 180 degrees servos, when they go only 160 !? Answered

Hello instructables people!

I have been trying for hours & hours, to solve a problem i have, with a couple of servos, and i hope that you will be able to help me understand how to solve that problem!
I have this robot, that i am trying to build, with an Arduino and 2 of the following servos:
When i move the mouse, i need both servos to move exactly the same direction and speed. This already works for me great, using a code i got here on Instructables! (https://www.instructables.com/id/Overview/).
The problem is, that 180 degrees, is critical for my robot, and i get only ~160 degrees...
I tried to use the same servos model, but converted to continuous rotation, but could not get the absolute movement and position sync accuracy, of both servos, in relation to one another, that i got with the non-continuous rotation servos.
So, i returned to the regular, unconverted servos, and purchased the following servo stretchers:
But, when i connected these stretchers, between the Arduino signal and the servos, things did not get better, but worse, and the servos started jerking and hardly reacting to mouse movements.
I have been spending hours & hours, with no success and am quite desperate...
Can you please help me!
Thanks a lot!


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