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Home Brewing--Mead Answered

I'm trying to make mead for the first time. The must has been sitting with an air lock for about two weeks now, and while I do see bubbles forming at the top of the must I don't see any activity in the fluid filled air lock. I have seen other home brewing attempts and those airlocks were blooping gas all over the place. Should I add more yeast or just be patient?



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7 years ago

Is this a 'proper' mead, or a honey flavoured wine?
If it's a real mead and you've used a mead yeast, it will ferment much more slowly but I'd expect you'd be seeing activity by now.   
Did you wait for the must to cool enough before you pitched the yeast?
Is the must at a high enough temperature to ferment now?  (Ideally around 70 degrees F.)
Did you add any yeast nutrient?  Honey on it's own won't have enough nitrogen to keep keep the yeast happy.