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Home Page Search Bar Answered

The new search bar on the home page won't let you enter a search until after it's done typing out the project in the picture. Being able to delete while it's typing so you can enter a search would be ideal. It's "bugging" me. 


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7 years ago

We've had several people report this problem, and 90% of the time the culprit is a script blocker add-on. If your browser has a script blocker like NoScript, ScriptBlocker, AdBlocker, or GreaseMonkey installed it could be causing the site to load incorrectly. Make sure your borwser has cookies enabled, then clear your browser cache and try logging into Instructables again.

If you don't have any add-ons or you've disabled them, try refreshing the page. If you are still having problems please reply with information about your Operating System and browser information.