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Home automation system configuration? Answered

I have recently purchased a used home automation system off of eBay. The whole package included the following items.

1. Amber Wireless AMB8425-M USB Stick
2. Aeon Z-Stick S2 USB Stick
3. Huawei E173u-2 Boradband USB stick
4. 3 x Zwave Socket adapters
5. 7links NAS Print/ USB Server
Photos of these modules can be seen below.

The seller was not aware how all these modules can be put together into a home automation system.

I googled for sometime and figured out that I can setup an indoor automation solution using only the Aeon-Zwave USB and the Z-Wave socket adapters, and control them using my android phone.

Can someone please help me how can i use the remaining modules and setup the automation for remote access as well ?

Many thanks



5 years ago

What kind of home automation do you intend to do?

I might expect some kind of input/output device so you can connect to heating/lighting etc.


5 years ago

I don't get it !!

Are all these USB sticks supposed to control lights, temperature and security ?

I don't see anything but one or 3 lightbulb controls and an overabundance of RF and stuff.

How can you buy a home automation from someone who doesn't supply a manual................ .. ... . .


5 years ago

The manufacturer websites are probably your best bet, especially if they have forums. They typically have digital versions of the spec sheets and manuals.