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Home automation with time? Answered

Hey everyone, 
Not sure how many of you would have thought about it but there's a kickstarter project that reached it goal a while ago called 'wig wag'.
Wig wag is more or less just home automation.
I really like the idea, but hate the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for something that is definitely not worth that much. 

Mainly what I'm most interested in doing is automate lights to turn on after a certain time due to a motion sensor.
So when I walk into a bathroom at 1am, red LEDs will turn on (as they don't affect your eyes like white light does so you'll still be able to see). 
There are some other things that could be cool, such as these lights not turning on if there is a certain amount of noise in the house (if I'm awake or maybe even if lights are on?).
I'd be using LEDs I'd have some kind of 12v adapter rather than cracking into light switches in my wall.
I'd also rather not buy a wifi powerpoint adaptor, (something like http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Power-Supplies/Electrical-Timers/BEF7C027AU?catargetid=1402860417&cadevice=%7Bdevice%7D)

I currently have a raspberry PI and and happy to use it for this but would probably prefer to buy an arduino but I have no experience with this.
I have virtually no knowledge on coding so please forgive any ignorance and please give me your patience!
It would also be lovely to have some sort of web server to be able to control it all. 

Thanks everyone, your help is really appreciated.


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7 years ago

To be honest LEDS use so little power you may as well just leave them on all the time. In daylight red LEDs wouldn't show much.

To really keep it neat and out of sight fit them at floor level in the wall board (skirting board) that way the light spills over the floor where you need it.