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Home heat exchanger or heat engine anyone? Answered

I know for a fact that in the EU we can now have energy effient homes that utilise the heat from common sources like water heater, solar or just what is under the roof to generate electricity or heat other things.

Started to wonder if ever someone tried something in that region on an affordable hobby level.
Down here properly insulated homes are rare as a pearl in a supermarket oyster.
So my main interest would in utilising the excess heat under the roof during the summer times.
This season I measured and average of around 60°C during the day.
On those day over the 35°C mark it went up close to 75°C in some areas.
I guesstimate that if the draft areas are sealed off a bit a fan system should able to suck air at about 50°C out for about 6 to10 hours per day during the summer.
If I would add a small heat exchange made from a solor hot water panel and some piping:
Would hat combine heat output be enough to power an ammonia fridge or even freezer?

What options are there that you guys created to generate some electricity from other heat sources?
Thinking about the exhaust heat from the hot water system or heater.
One thing I am planning on is a small solar heater for my big fish tank.
Currently not anywhere near a window but would like some Arduino to control a water pump by temperature comparison to provide warm water during the winter months for free.
Beats two 400W heaters if you ask me LOL
The potential for some easy to create heat exchange system to generate a bit of electrictiy or power heat exchange system is huge.
Australia is full of badly insulated homes and the US is not far behind.
And not matter how good they are all those homes still heat the roof cavities like hell.


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