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Home improvement/ workshop?. I'm stumped, Answered

Trying to make storage shelving in corner of my tiny Bathroom. I'm stumped on how to fasten to wall. How to properly toenail into corner stud or use brackets/anchor screws? fear of to much weight. Here's a photo of my bath & photo of what I'm trying to create. Thinking thinner wood. Glass shelves are going up on larger walls. Any advice? Thanks



17 days ago

If you have, or can cheaply get one, you could use one of those adjustable shower curtain rods (the extendable ones that are friction fit to the wall) provided it reaches to the ceiling. Use pipe clamps/hangers/whatever you want to call them to fasten the shelves to the rod. Doesnt risk damaging walls like screws or adhesives can.


19 days ago

Screw if you can screw into the material. Also silicone adhesive.


21 days ago

As often as not, there will be a 2x on one or both walls, at the corner. There, certainly, will be horizontal ones at the top and bottom, because they were necessary for mounting the drywall.

Do some wall thumping to get a feeling for the layout behind the sheetrock walls. Then, if you have a fine drill bit, you can drill a test hole or two (easy to fill and hide). Alternately, you can focus on the top, horizontal 2x.

To make installation easier, consider modifying the design a bit, so the plywood would press up against the ceiling. That could mean having that one or two toilet-paper rolls you have to work to get. Or you could find something decorative to put at the top.

With the extended height, the rack pressing against the ceiling, and no shelf on the top end [which would complicate mounting the rack], it should be a simple matter of running a single screw through the TP rack into the 1-1/2" 2x at the top.

The screw through the rack should, of course, be centered, and would be about 3/4" down from the rack top.

Try to land the screw, through the 1/2" sheet rock, about 3/4" down from the ceiling. This should land it in or near the center of the edge of a 2x4 (1-1/2" x 3-1/2"). Run it in at a slight angle, to avoid fighting with the ceiling.

A small, say, one inch square piece or two of a foam type commercial sticky, which would only stick to your rack, should keep the rack from playing pendulum. Especially with the length of the rack and gravity working for you.

A single dob of paint the color of your rack, or near the color, should hide the screw, if TP or decor doesn't.

la xerra

21 days ago

"thinner wood":
if so, just cut the panel/s (make a template from cardboard etc if you want) and glue it to the existing wall. if the ply you go with is thick enough you can screw in whatever hardware for light loads later (btw, be careful, you might hit some pipe or electrical etc).
if you dont mind making it a bit a bigger project, cut open the walls (i guess sheet-rock?), and put in blocking where you will need to screw in stuff).
ps, alternatively just screw all that screwing around and move into the mountains like me (no toilet, no paper, no mirrors...)


22 days ago

You could use French cleats and hide them
With some sort of side panel or filler strip.

You could use something called toggles. They are super strong anchors. Google “toggle wall anchors”

You could screw directly to the stud with finish screws.

If it’s just holding toilet paper you could probably use some sort of adhesive strip. But you you probably have to plan on fixing the dry wall if you ever wanted to take it down.

I’d probably center it on a stuff and use finish screws.

If you want to screws invisible you could counter bore a pre-drilled hole. And then fill it in with a dowl once it is screwed to the wall. then flush cut the dowel with a flush cut saw. If you don’t use glue you can remove the dowel with a screw or drill bit when you want to take it down. (You screw into the dowel and then pull on it with pliers or channel locks, sometimes a drill bit will just back it out when you drill into it.)

Hope that helped.