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Home recording and playback studio Answered

So ive played guitar/bass in the past but have recently switched to drums the past year. I would like to put together a recording system that would allow me to not only record guitar/bass onto my computer but also allow me to output those recordings to their respective amps simultaneously for playback. I have a buddy that plays guitar so would like to jam out with a bass line as well or when he's not around I can jam out to both. Any ideas of equipment /software that might be needed ?



3 years ago

You didn't say if you're PC or Mac. For PC, I've used Ardour on Linux for years. It's cool, but be prepared to keep up with the (software) changes. Simpler programs like Audacity can work for limited use.

My hardware is pretty old now...I use a M-Audio Delta 66, with an Omni I/O. I bought the Delta and Omni on Craigslist. I assume you can get hi-res audio interfaces pretty cheap today (make sure they work with Linux if that's something you want).

Linux can be problematic with audio; low-latency kernels, etc. Over the years some audio distributions have been abandoned and lost developer support, which is a real PITA. Be prepared to install the low-latency stuff yourself...

Older versions of Pro Tools show up used on CL pretty often. For a few bucks you might find a DAW like that for a mainstream OS (Windoz or Mac)-- could be worth a small investment to try.

I've bought microphones on both CL and Ebay, usually very inexpensively. Maybe you can buy the DAW and your buddy the mics...