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Homemade Christmas Present Ideas 4 Dad Answered

My dad is getting pretty bored with cards, jerky, and games... So what else can I give him!!??



8 years ago

I'd take the jerky :)
Umm card print outs like 1 car wash, lawn mowing, whatever usually work here. Dad always loves it when we help him extra :)


8 years ago

Here's a few guides I found doing a quick search of the site...

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There are some doubles when you go through the different pages, but some of these might give you some ideas.  It'd might be helpful to let people know what kind of stuff your dad is into (if you want to make something more personal), and what skills you have (so people could suggest things in your skill range). No reason for me to suggest building him an LED cube if you don't know how to solder, or crocheted version of his favorite animal if you can't crochet.