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Homemade EEG or Substitute Answered

I have a quick question for anyone who can help. I'm trying to build the project here (http://www.hammacher.com/Product/76966?source=FROOGLE) and I plan to enter it into a couple of contests (Please don't steal it!). My question is about the headset shown in the picture. The site claims it is similar to EEG technology.

What materials do you think would be necessary to build this? It looks relatively simple in the picture. I've already done some research, and I found (http://openeeg.sourceforge.net/buildeeg/electrodes.php) a DIY site saying how to make one type of EEG headset. However, I would like to try to build this in a way that didn't require a big liquid saltwater solution or messy conductive gel.

Any suggestions?

PS. I'd like to apologize for my poorly formatted topic. I've been having a little bit of trouble getting links and photo uploads to work properly, and I suspect this has more to do with my computer than the new editor.



10 years ago

Hey, sorry I missed this....I had been looking at this thing (not in my hands, but the ads) and am glad you noticed it said SIMILAR to.....meaning it is probably taking it's readings from skin conductivity, rather then reall EEG readings.  But, I am not sure....at that price though, I wouldn't want something only "SIMILAR TO"  :-)