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Homemade Pull-Up Bar? Answered

Of course, Burning Questions! Im not sure how to make this, perhaps 2 strong metal tubes, a large and strong spring, and set this between a door? Thanks in advanced! -PKT



8 years ago

My cheapo solution, albeit with only one hand position:
1) find a good solid door
2) slide wooden wedges under it on the none hinge side.
3) pull yourself up
4)repeat daily untill you've made your bar.
Don't grab the top of the door with your whole hand, but pull up from the top firts two bones of each finger. Otherwise it'll hurt.


9 years ago

Buy or salvage some seat belt cord (from a car). Then make two loops with that and loop them around a I-Beam then put a metal tube in the loops. Unless you move around a lot when you do pull ups, you should be fine. Also, tie some good knots.


10 years ago

Make sure you have sturdy brackets that hold in the the pipe ends. A pipe fitting one inside the other is spring-loaded to expand to the width of your doorway. It still needs to have a U-shaped wood or metal brackets on the ends to hold the weight. You can also search for the "Perfect pullup" or other AS SEEN ON TV products that do not require permanent fixture to the doorway. The S-shaped bars brace against the walls to hang freely in place. You may need to weld pipes or metal tubes to put together a similar contraption. Good luck.


Reply 10 years ago

or have a pipe cut to length for the doorway, maybe one pipe or metal tube in another for extra strength, and mount it with end brackets.