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Homemade digital camera telescope adapter Answered

After calling my last diy project a success I decided to give another one a shot and am attempting to make an adapter for my easyshare c813 but all I ever see through the cam viewer is just blackness. I was hoping maybe someone here would have had some experience with this and could maybe point me in the right direction. My adapter so far consists of a couple layers of a pringles can wrapped and tapped with electrical tape inside and out. Ive seen similar contraptions made out of film canisters that work just fine even on webcams but Im having no such luck myself.


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10 years ago

I used about 2/3 length of a Toilet Paper roll tube. It slides perfectly onto my eyepiece.

Then to fill in the gap between the TP roll and the camera lens, I used some printer paper that I folded a few times lengthwise and rolled around the lense til I got the right fit. I u.sed plenty of tape to secure it.

that's pretty much it.... when in use, you cansecure the adapter to the eyepiece and to the camera with tape... I use blue painter tape because it comes off easily and leaves no sticky residue.

good luck!