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Homemade hair curlers/rollers Answered

I am trying to figure out how to make these: www.curlformers.com


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11 years ago

Here are some ideas: To make those curly hair holding fabric tubes, you probably don't have any high heat-setable type of fabric. I really don't know of a synthetic fabric commonly available that you can put a heat gun to and it will hold its shape after being formed. I really haven't tried anything like that with a high polyester or nylon thick fabric. The next best thing is to have a springy skeleton wire to hold the shape for you. You can get stuff called "wire loom" at Radio Shack, auto supply store, maybe Best Buy, it is a plastic strip that looks like a spiral shape that you wrap around a bunch of wires or electrical cord to keep it manageable. Sew a fabric strip forming the tube that will contain your hair. Sew a parallel tube in the same strip of fabric that will contain the wire loom. Use a meshy type of fabric or something breathable that will not get hot and burn when you touch it after it gets heated up with the hair dryer. You just need to now make a dowel with a hook at one end that you can straighten out and extend the tube while hooking the hair at one end and pulling it through. A bit of coathanger wire and duct tape will do. Good luck and look marvelous...