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Homemade iPod Speaker System Question Answered

Quick Question... Not long ago I manged to homemake a sweet speaker system for my iPod Nano 5G. Came out beautifully with great bass. But before it's too late I wanted to ask if there can be any damages, or changes, to the function of my iPod or it's battery from using my speaker system?



8 years ago

Well we need some more info on this Lonewolf.

What did you made it off?
where the parts specially ordered, recycled or hacked?
How do you connect the Ipod to the speaker system, do you use the 3.5 mm jack for earphones or do you use a connection cable?
How is the speaker powered? Do you use the Ipods battery or external powersource?

Coincidentally I build an Ipod speaker system a few months ago to. And mine works like a charm. It's connected through a 3.5 mm jack and the speakers used to be computer speakers that are powered with an external powersource. I don't think you can do much wrong to damage the Ipod. The only thing that I can see get damaged easily is the speakers themselfs. But answer those questions and normally I can tell you for 100 procent if it's safe or not.

I'd also like to see a picture :) I'll post one of mine then to. My speaker system is a 1 meter high tower speaker with integrated dock :D


Reply 8 years ago

Oh, Sorry :)
It's made of a pair fo really nice computer speakers that we were using with
the computer we had just before we bought a new one. We always listened
to iTunes through the computer speakers when we were playing games and
stuff. I knew from that that the speakers were really nice and you could
adjust the bass and that the bass was nice and powerfull.

The parts were the same parts that came with it originally.

A 3.5 millimeter jack connects the iPod to the speaker system.

Speakers powered through an outlet.

As soon as I can I'll post some pictures of it... it might take me a while... but
I will. Till' then I would love to see pics of yours!