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Honda vfr800 can this motorbike be restored? Answered

I have a Honda vfr800 2008, and I want to restore it. But seems like the prev. Mechanic gave up because he said it is not economically Viable.. Now I'm also out of hope


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1 year ago

Anything is possible. But you have to ignore the economics, and only do it if you want to. If you take it as a labour of love, go for it. If you are trying to make money, or save money on buying one that works, walk away.


1 year ago

It basically needs a rebuild from ground up.
A lot might be fixable with TLC but this is only easable on a hobby level and if you have the time and will to spare.
The engine should be taken apart to the last bits, inspected, adjusted and of course cleaned.
frame I would sandblast and give away for a powder coating.
Rest depends on what is left in usable parts and how much is required in new parts.
Might come down to getting the same model second hand and in good condition for far less....