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Hook up stereo speakers to computer for surround sound Answered

Alright, if theres already an instructable on this, I apologize, and could someone point me to it, otherwise, here's my question: I have a set of stereo speakers, the ones with the clips that you use to hold in the wire, so it has no plug. The only stereo set I have has no outputs, no white and red RCA jacks, or anything, and I do not have any other reciever. Is there any sort of adapter I could buy or build cheap (easily, preferably) to let me plug two of those into a standard 3.5 mm miniplug? my goal is to use those as rear speakers for my computer's 5.1 surround, as they have good base and treble, and my 2.1 channel set that I was using there crapped out. Thanks!


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DIY  Dave
DIY Dave

11 years ago

Yes you could do that, but you you might need an amplifier for the speakers. All you need to do is get a 3.5 mm miniplug, strip off the insulation from the wires and hook the colored wires to the red clips on the speakers and the bare copper wire to the black clips on the speakers.