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Hoover modification: Making the dust go directly into a big bin Answered

In my collective woodworkshop, we have a lot of problems with sawdust
One person attached a vacuum cleaner to our tablesaw to suck up most of the dust, but the problem with that is that the hooverbags fill up too quickly.

So I am trying to make it so that the sawdust will go directly into our sawdust bin after being sucked into the hoover.

I want to cut off part of the bottom of the hoover and attach a coneshape making the dust fall into a bin.
I also want to attach a cut up vaccum bag to the cone, to make less dust fly dirctly out of the exaust port.

I have been reading up on hoovers, and I am worried that the suction will disappear if there is a great big hole, not allowing the "vacuum" in "vacuum cleaner" to happen.

Yup, you definitely need to not have a hole in the bottom of your hoover to create a vacuum. Now I want to try something with creating a direct way to the exaust port, so that the dust just flies out of there...

I haven't been able to find any modification like this, but please post some if you have.

I am going to jump into this, but I would love some input and ideas.

It's a Miele S311i, I can't find detailed manuals on the product...

I'll be updating on my progress
Hope someone can help!