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Host a chat bot at home? Answered

We've all seen those little bots in various chat services, like Kik, Skype, Messenger, etc...
I want to make one, but insted of using an existing service on the Internet to host it, could I use an old computer or a Raspberry Pi? 


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4 years ago

You have to find a way to interface with the chat in question.
For browser based ones you can still find bots in the darker parts of the web, some quite good.
Main problem is finding an algorithm that shows "human like" interaction.
If someone writes "Hello, how are you?" then you don't want your bot to randomly answer "Your hair looks nice too."
You have to check for keywords and base the response on them in the hope you got it right.
Ohterwise it will just be random text popping up with no sense in it.