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Household Appliance Efficiency (Slowing the meter) Answered


Does anyone have an idea how I can build a device or circuit board that I can hook up a computer  to monitor the efficiency of Appliance and hopefully write a computer programe to maximize the efficiency of the appliance and minimize the power drawn from the power grid. Basically slowing down the meter while the appliances still operate at their full potential?




3 years ago

The kill-a-watt is a device costing 20-somethin-bucks, IIRC. Handy, easy to use device.

1 method I've used to save $ on the fridge usage is to make ice outside in the winter, and put it in the fridge.


3 years ago

Electric devices will draw as much current from the mains as it needs. I'm not sure of how you are applying the term efficiency of an appliance. There are devices like the Kill-a-watt power meter which can monitor the usage. You usually run the washer at non peak times for cheaper electric rates and try to conserve energy by not running the air conditioner or lights when no one is present. A refrigerator will run when it has to and you would need to mod the refrigerator to increase it's efficiency.