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How Do I Attach /Connect Bistro Blinds To An Existing "Colorbond" Carport? Answered

Hi ,
I hope there is help here?
I have wracked my brain s out !!! 
I built an awning off the house - Well I didn't  ...a tradie did... but to my specs..and the awning is useless as it needs sides... so I want to put up bistro (Plastic ) blinds... I think the weight of them will be too heavy .. Or when I screw into a hollow beam I will have no way of stopping the beam from stretching as it's  has thin and light sides...
 So I need help Do I go through to the other side of the beam to put into place a ????  Maybe I want a strong metal sleeve that will enable me to screw ? bolt? attach these blinds??
Any ideas?
Thanks heaps if you read this ....and have any ideas...!


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8 years ago

Pictures of the carport would be a big help, especially of the bits you want to fasten to.

I have a feeling, though, that your best bet might be to fit a frame within the frame, basically using the existing port purely to balance a stronger frame you build within it.