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How Do I get Linux on a Pocket PC? Answered

I have an old Compaq iPAQ laying around, and running MS Windows. It is SD card compatible, and I was wondering if I could put Linux on an SD card, and then load it onto the iPAQ? It is the Compaq iPaq H3800 Series, it's processor type is ARM SA1110, its OS version is Windows CE 3.0, it has 64 MB of RAM, and 32 MB of ROM, and the ROM is flash, and its flash block size is 128 KB. Thanks!


Joe Martin

Best Answer 10 years ago

Most Pocket pc's (The windows verity ) All have custom versions of the PPC software with all the drivers and such, so usually there are no linux boots for PPC's. Also you are confided by the fact the OS is stored on a ROM (Read only) and I don't know of any pda's (PPC) that can boot from a memory card. So there would be no way of getting the OS on the PDA. Sorry.


9 years ago

Unfortunately, it's not possible, although you might just be able to do it by manually replacing the ROM chip, but I've never heard of someone doing that. The closest you can get is an Android phone, as Android is a custom variety of linux.


10 years ago

can this device boot from the sd card ? maybe you can install linux to the card as if it was a hard drive (try both lilo and grub maybe one won't work) i wonder what linux is more usefull than windows ce and fits in 32 M (hey its smaller than dsl)