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How Do YOU Design K'NEX Ball Machines? Answered

Instructables K'NEX Community,

The reason I am posting this forum topic, is that I have not had much experience making K'NEX ball machines, and would like to know how YOU design YOUR K'NEX ball machines. Please post your responses below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!,

-The Knex Inventor

(Note: Credit for the ball machine picture goes to Kairah)



2 years ago

I have never built one but I think you take lots of elements and lifts and connect them with lots of track


3 years ago

My brother and I like to just start out with a bottom (if that includes a white connector floor then that is done here, along with the approximate starting points for the networks). Then we add the upper frame (the rest of the machine's structure) and add lifts. After that, separators! Then paths! Then bug fixes! Yes, you do have to do quite a lot of "debugging" or it won't work well at all. By that I mean, say adding guard rails, banking turns, etc. Then just let it run for a bit and see if there are any balls falling off and where they do, and then just fix them. If they're too complex to fix, then just forget it. It'll work well enough without it being fixed. Then just film it (if you want to), enjoy it for a month or so and take it down. It will be missed for a while because when you look where it previously was you just see... nothing! But that's usually a good time to start a new one, and the cycle starts all over again!

Have fun building!