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How To Build RFID walk Through Sensors (Stands)? Answered

Hi All,

I am planning to build an School Attendance System, RFID Walk Through Reader, So i need help from your end how can i built it (Step by Step Processs and Need of Material i need to use for it).

My Planning:

Need to built an RFID Walk Through Reader, means, suppose if a student ware an RFID Card in his neck and when he pass through from RFID Reader stand (it may be 3 meters distance between ID card and Reader) then automatically this RFID Stand will read the students information from his ID Card and send SMS to his Parents automatically. will you please send me Step by Step Process how to build it and what type of material i need and what type of Software i need to develop, etc...to my mail id: md.bismillakhan@gmail.com, i hope i can get my answer as soon as possible from your end.

Thanks & Regards
Bismillah khan



3 years ago

Ok I worked in a school that had RFID registration and the entrance and by every class room. It took about 3 months before they abandoned the class room idea because it created bottle necks in the corridors.

1. you need to ensure only 1 person at a time walks through

2. you need someone to man the entrance for those who forget their pass

3. You need to stop any one walking through without a pass (we use a turn style)

4. Because of 1 you need a narrow entrance this cause a bottle neck so you need several

This is costly, not really practical because of the population density of a school and not very accurate we still had to take a register. :-(

You need to look at shop systems that detect RFID markers on goods and scan at the entrance - No one here has the time to do your project for you for nothing.

I am going to guess this is a colladge project and YOU should be the prime mover in your project.

Specific questions yes - General no.


3 years ago

You want something for less than nothing, don't think you will have success like this.
Meaning that you have to put some efford into your project first.
We are happy to help but since noone is paying us why would we develop stuff for free?


3 years ago

That's not how this site works. You put some design effort in first, like reading the "related" column on the right here >>>>>>

Getting 3 metres range is a project in itself, and you are going to have to do a lot of work with antennas.


Answer 3 years ago

Yeah, 10 feet is pretty far for something that has no power in itself.

I wounder if a bar code reader system might be more practical and more cost effective. Although 10 feet for that is a stretch also.