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How To Build an underground sandbag bunker complete with sewer and well and air Filtration system for under $2,000 Answered

I,m Planning On Building an underground sandbag bunker that will protect against most natural and man made disasters i would use bricks or concrete but that is to expensive and concrete bunkers are prone to leaking and molding unless you have a proper vapor barrier on all sides of the walls and foundation and the roof i am going to make my walls out of sandbags and have good strong posts every few feet or so to prevent cave ins the posts will be good strong 8 inch diameter logs also for the roof I,m going to use 8 inch diameter logs and on the roof i,m going to put 4 feet of packed dirt on it to act as a radiation shield my walls are going to be covered in plastic sheeting or polyethylene or both on the outside for a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering in a layer of plastic and polyethylene sheeting in going to cover the bottom of the hole then the floor frame goes on top of that and then i pack the frame with straw for insulation then another layer of plastic and polyethylene goes over that then the plywood goes on last and is screwed to the frame with woods screws i make sure the whole frame is wrapped in polyethylene sheeting and plastic sheeting then once the floor is in place i caulk where the floor and the walls meet with silicone for the roof i put vapor proof sheeting like plastic sheeting or polyethylene down first then the logs then straw for insulation then more vapor proof sheeting then dirt on top of that for the sewer i will use a pipe running from the toilet into a big pit with a lid on it and a pipe coming out of the lid with a fly screen on it for the vent pipe and of course i will reinforce the sewer pit so that it don't cave in and have a drain field and have a door for the bunker that can be locked or barred from the inside and for heat a barrel stove any ideas you may have any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated any problems with my plan please let me know because I,m looking for them so i can fix them in my plans



FHardisonA good name

Answer 9 years ago

Dear Good Name. As with most of the world's population - you are poorly misinformed. There are in fact several events in the near future that are going to happen around 2012 that you SHOULD be concerned about. National Geographic has done a documentary on the galactic plain alignment that is happening on 12-20-2012. Of course there is the "debris field" the earth must pass through the closer we get to that time and shortly afterward. The History Channel has done some very interesting documentaries as well concerning solar maximums, a "kill shot" solar flare, a nearby super star going nova and a couple more - all are readily available for watching on YouTube.

Then of course there are the ancient prophecies of Tibet, Nostradamus, the Sumerians, Aztecs, Mayans and the Holy Bible. We're talking global changes, pole shifts with the north pole resting in the Pacific, the 26 mile equatorial oceanic bulge dispersed world wide potentially raising water levels by miles, comets crashing into the planet causing darkness, the sun blowing off a layer of plasma that makes the whole of the sun to be covered by a solar sun spot which darkens it for 3 days and turns the moon a dark red. There are in fact things that the wise shall prepare for... and fools will merely mock. It's your choice. However buying into Al Gore's carbon credit selling scheme of Global Warming is also the worlds choice - to make the rich richer and allow them to buy everything they need to survive. I for one plan for the worst, yet hope for the best. That my dear sir/madam is what true wisdom and leadership is all about. That and faith.

I for one am looking for property to build my own home - underground of course - like NORAD.

Owen Geiger

8 years ago

You could bury a dome, since they're plenty strong enough to resist the forces of the soil.

Round is another good shape. You can buy my Earthbag Survival Shelter that covers everything: http://earthbagplans.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/earthbag-survival-shelter/

The survival shelter is available through Dream Green Homes for only $150: http://www.dreamgreenhomes.com/plans/survival.htm


9 years ago

In my own designs, I have to solve the problem of sanitation. I have bathrooms on every level of my bunker, which when flushed will have to drain up several floors at some point without having too many or too large a holding tank. I'm thinking of a multi-staged trash pump to raise sewage to the top level septic tank.

Also power supply and usage will be a big factor - don't forget extra wiring in case you have repairs to make.  Also without a continuous cheap supply of naturals gas, coal or other fuel; it will be tough going staying warm, heating food and boiling water. There are several free energy and over unity systems out there that will actually work. NdFeB permanent magnet systems are your best bet for long term brushless DC system.

Water and water purification is the next big step. You need one that will last you for YEARS - either until Jesus comes back or until the earth has passed through the time of the trials, 2012 and the anti-christ. A good multi-stage system that is anti-bacterial and a microbial filter system with a 10,000 gallon life span would be good.

Lastly before you button up, you will need a food source and a way to defend it all. Don't forget books to read, board games to play, maybe some decks of cards? I have over the years bought a lot of old school engineering books, farmer/agricultural manuals and videos! Hopefully the video players and TVs will be robust enough to keep running until Passover and the Lord returns.


10 years ago

You should check out the cal-earth website at http://www.calearth.org/ProductsServices/products.html (I'm in no way affiliated). They sell a kit that comes with instructions for building an earthbag dome that wouldn't need all the bracing plus it has a polypropylene tube instead of individual sand bags. It's only $750 for that and I've seen pictures of one that was most of the way buried using the pond liner as a vapor barrier. I imagine you could bury it completely if you could scavenge one of those galvanized culverts that they use as sewer entrances at the very top. The only other expenses would be the barbed wire to hold the sandbags together, pond liner, a water tank, toilet, cheap sink, and the pvc drain pipe to make your septic cavity with a leaching field....oh and maybe a backhoe for a day to dig the hole...and a bunch of friends to help fill the sand bags. You could probably pull it all off for $2,000