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How To Turn ATH-MSR7s Into Balanced Headphones Answered

So, I've Had a Pair of ATH-MSR7 Headphones for a few months now and I've wanted to know how to turn them from standard wiring to balanced wiring with 3.5mm jack endings (Got the Idea after reading how to do this with the ATH-M50X Model, https://www.instructables.com/id/Balanced-Headphones-for-About-130/) If Anyone can give me an answer or point me to a tutorial (Trust me, I've searched, can't find a tutorial) i'd be mighty grateful. Many thanks for a reply. Also this is for a portable DAC with two headphone Jacks like a Pono or an AK240. Thanks again.


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3 years ago

Assuming they still use standard 3.5mm jacks, I would use one of these.
Of course you would need to check if the two speakers are actually wired onto the corresponding left and right channel connections on your jacks!
If that is the case then a simple adapter will give power to them from a normal audio source.
In case both speakers go onto he same connection ring on the jack you have to replace one of them so you can wire the channels correctly.
If you need to keep them the way they are now you need to make a little adapter to avoid cutting the cables.