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How am I able to use a potentiometer to cycle through a color wheel for a RGB LED, as well as make it react to music? Answered

I have just started experimenting with circuits and what not, but i need some help, because I'm new, clueless, and trying to learn. My goal is to create a circuit that will allow me to use a single potentiometer to change the color of a RGB LED, as well as allowing an input for music to have it pulse to the beat. For the potentiometer, would that require an Arduino? Searching on Google has not yielded many results but they all tend to use an Arduino, and for the reaction for music, would I be able to use something along the lines of a tip31, like how it was used in another instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/). Any help or insight would be great. Thanks for your time.


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