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How are AudioStrobe discs constructed. ? Answered

What drives the light track and how is it constructed? Thanks for any info.or signposting


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11 years ago

Assuming you're asking about turntable calibration strobes...

The traditional approach was just to use a neon bulb powed by house current, which flashes at 60 pulses per second in the US (50 in the UK; I can't vouch for elsewhere). This acted as a simple stroboscope. Then it's a matter of laying out a pattern on the disk so that, when it was rotating at the correct speed, it would advance exactly from one mark to the next in precisely 1/60th (or whatever) of a second. If the pattern, when lit by the strobe, appears to hold still then the speed is correct (or is some integer multiple or factor of the correct frequency, but since the speed is rarely that far off you don't have to worry about it).

If this isn't what you were asking about, tell us what you think an AudioStrobe is and we can try again.