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How are forums organized? Answered

I think there is a lot of good information within the Forum section of the site, but I have not been able to figure out if there is any particular organization to it.  I do fine when I click on Forum, then there is a list of topics, or divisions, alphabetically arranged.  But click on one of those topics, and it seems there is no order or organization at all.  There are buttons for:post, posts and topics, topics, featured,etc, but clicking on them doesn't seem to alter much, if anything?  It would be nice if things were arranged either: alphabetically, numerically, by author, by date, by topic, etc.  Or am I missing something (which is very possible, I admit...) Any help and or enlightenment would be appreciated, thank you.



8 years ago

I think, perhaps, you should start a forum. You could talk about the value of politicians, or better, talk about something you are interested in.

I've thought about starting one about rants and raves, but I suspect it wouldn't get very far.

My main point is to start a discussion on something you are interested in, and see where it goes. At least, I'll answer it.

Best regards,


8 years ago

The default setting is that the most recently-active topics are at the top of the list.

Look to the top of the list, though, and you can see that you can select to organise by the topic most recently posted, most recently posted to (not much different to the default), or a list of featured-only topics, sorted by most recently active.