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How can I adapt my Quickshot (QS-177, Sega Genesis) to my computer's USB port using a USB-to-DB9 converter? Answered

So I found an old Quickshot (QS-177) and an old Edgeport/1 USB-to-DB9 serial converter, and was wondering if I could either set up the controller as a serial device, get custom drivers for the Edgeport, or could rewire the converter somehow to make it work like a game controller. I also happen to have a PS1-style, cheap little USB controller that I was thinking of gutting and connecting to (the disassembled remains of) the Edgeport, resulting in a USB joystick that thinks it's a gamepad.


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Generally no - for a few reasons

I don't believe the original joystick used plain serial commands, so the usb-232 converter wouldn't talk to it...
And serial back then used higher voltages to maintain signal over longer distances -- where usb-serial cable converters only operate at 5V, usually not enough to drive the older devices.