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How can I add a hinge to a candy tin that doesn't have already one? Answered

I've got a candy tin that comes as two separate pieces (top and bottom) and I'd like to add hinges to it kind of like how altoids tins have them. What would be the best way to go about it? I used altoids as an example but any hinge that's small enough to fit on the tin and joins the two pieces will get the job done. My tin's dimensions are: 4.6875" x 2". The bottom piece has a narrow part on the top that allows the top piece to fit onto it, those measurements are:4.5625" x 1.875". This narrow part reaches1/4th of an inch into the height of the bottom piece and has 4 bumps sticking out of it (2 on both of the long sides)  to keep the top in place similar to what's on altoids tins.


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9 years ago

Very hard to post manufacture a hinge that looks like an original as they are pressed into the metal when the tin is made:

You could solder on a couple of brackets and put a pin through,

you could just put a length of duct tape across the back.

You could re purpose a plastic hinge made for the aero-modelling fraternity

you may be able to find very small brass cupboard hinges that will work and you can solder on.