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How can I attatch an external antenna to my HSDPA netbook, without soldering wires to the internal antenna? Answered

Just gota new netbook (Advent 4213) that has built in HSDPA (ie, a sim card slot for mobile internet). My problem is that where I work there is a very weak signal - I've looked at a couple of antennas, but there's no socket in the netbook to plug one in! The inbuilt antenna is on the bottom. Can anyone recommend a way to non-permanently attatch something, like velcro, etc, to boost the signal? It's just info on what sort of connection I could use. Thanks in advance!



8 years ago

The closest I've found to what your looking for is http://www.smartphonegurus.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7147-advent-4213-external-antenna-mod-ssd/ Will be doing the same when I get chance