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How can I build a giant ball like a big hamster ball? Answered

I am looking into creating a virtual reality experience controlled by something like the VirtuSphere (www.virtusphere.com). 

I know there are giant hamster balls out there, but they are inflatable so I don't think they would be strong enough for what I want to create.  Also, solid balls would be waaay too expensive (like the BuzzBall or a Zorb). 




9 years ago

If you don't insist on it being transparent, you could probably build it out of fiberglass. Though getting in and out of it without a risk of tripping over the hatch and without impeding its rotation , and getting power to your VR goggles, would be... interesting. The VirtuSphere demonstrates that it's possible, I guess...

It's a heck of a lot simpler to build a virtual bicycle.